Teaching at Hookstone Chase CP School

06.02.13 002I started working voluntary with Hookstone Chase Community Primary School – Year Six for one reason only – to gain more experience!

Each month I have seen our curriculum evolve & become more exciting and interesting for the children and for the teachers!

It really is a brilliant year group to teach and I enjoy the interaction of real life situations & discussions in the literacy, numeracy & scientific tasks that are set by the teaching staff.

The humour of the children, the ability of the children, the way that the children approach their responsibilities so professionally, the independence of the children and the curriculum that we teach has been highlighted by the fact that we recently undertook a project to design & build a bridge to hold a “Hornby” train & use AutoCAD Release 2013 to do our design work.

The children worked with the AutoCAD & used resources within the classroom to build their new bridges; an example of this can be seen in the photograph above.