Mental Health Matters

Tranwell Unit - Eighton Ward 2009Thompson Events has a very proud connection with Mental Health and especially Bipolar Disorder.
This picture shows an original shirt from a Newcastle United FC player from the 1998 FA Cup final against Arsenal, being presented to the Assistant Manager (Jane), of the Eighton Ward, Tranwell Unit, Gateshead.
The picture was later officially presented by Tranwell Unit - Eighton Ward 1Peter Beardsley, (Newcastle United & England) & mounted on the wall of the ward.
Thompson Events re-visted the ward in 2012 with a current Newcastle United FC framed shirt, in aid of the Geoff Thompson Memorial Fund with the eventual winning bid funds being passed onto the charity S.N.A.P.P.Y.

These two photographs show Keith Thompson with the staff of Eighton Ward (Martin & Gordon) & the two framed shirts.

Update (April 2013): The original shirt has now been recently remounted on the Fellside Ward of the Tranwell Unit due to the closure & relocation of the Eighton Ward to Sunderland.

Tranwell Unit - Eighton Ward 2

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On a recent visit to Roseberry Park Hospital in Middlesbrough (19.11.13) Keith Thompson donated one signed & framed Middlesbrough FC shirt (2012-2013 squad) to the Manager (Walter Southall) & staff of “Stamp” Advocacy Team who will be auctioning the shirt at their “Elvis Tribute Night” & the £60.00 funds raised will be going to service users in the area. The second picture shows the staff of Bedale Ward gratefully accepting a signed Middlesbrough FC shirt (2012-2013 squad) in recognition of their kindness & hard work for the service users in the surrounding community & also to say a big thank you for their time whilst I was on the ward – many thanks & keep up the good work! The shirt has been agreed to be framed & mounted with a little plaque in the adjacent OT department so that other service users may gain the benefit of seeing it displayed.

On a recent visit to West Park Hospital – Cedar Ward in Darlington (01.02.19) Keith Thompson donated a signed & framed Barcelona Lionel Messi shirt & an England World Cup 1966 signed print to the Manager & staff of the ward. Both items have been mounted with a little plaque in the entrance to the ward so that staff & other service users may gain the benefit of seeing them displayed. Many thanks to everyone on the ward for their kindness during my stay on the ward last year 2018.

True Facts about Mental Health in England: 

 1 in 4 adults in England have a mental illness.

 Nearly 40% of all ill-health is caused by mental illness (for under-65s).

1 in 3 families include someone with a mental health problem.

Mental ill-health has the same effect on life expectancy as smoking.

People with serious mental illness die on average 20 years earlier.

People with mental health problems are three times more likely to develop diabetes.

At least a third of children whose parents have mental health problems will experience mental ill-health themselves.

The economy in England loses about £100bn a year to mental ill-health.

At least a fifth of police time is spent supporting people with mental illness.