Mental Health Football Therapy Sessions

Our Service – We offer a programme of lectures, from ‘one off’ stand-alone sessions to a structured programme of up to 10 sessions. These are aimed at raising the awareness of mental health issues, reducing the stigma surrounding mental health illness and reducing its impact on both clients and their staff. This is achieved by increasing the knowledge of mental health issues, along with the strategies to deal with them.

The subjects covered include how our body and mind work; causes of illnesses and mental health difficulties; progression of illnesses; empathy; effective communication; emotions and feelings; stigma reduction; and carers, amongst others.

Sessions can be tailored to individual needs, dependant on the client group, and their needs, from a single morning, afternoon or evening session to a set number of sessions or even a rolling programme for larger organisations. We aim to deliver the messages, information and ideas through a variety of mediums, both ‘class room’ based and outside, structured around the clients business. (For example around football).

We will aim to draw on expertise from the community; statutory services, and the voluntary sector. While this isn’t necessary, its aim is to help forge links between organisations and foster a ‘working together’ attitude and ensure a unified strategy.

Our Customers – Our target market is primarily PLC’s but we will tailor our service to meet the needs of any interested potential client. 

We have already had enquiries now from Barclays Harrogate, Huddersfield, Sunderland AFC, York FC, Leeds United FC, Huddersfield Town FC & Betties & Taylors.

Key Personnel – The lecturers will be Keith Thompson and Ivan Creaser, who both have extensive experience in their field. 

Keith J Thompson

25 years’ experience of running my own business & working on some prestigious projects throughout the UK & overseas.

2 years of working in a ‘care planning’ role with Ivan Creaser, throughout the North Yorkshire area delivering presentations to clinicians.

3 years of working within a Special Needs role teaching adult daily learning requirements. As special educational needs assistant teacher I was specifically employed to work with adults who have special educational needs. I worked with the physically disabled, the sensory impaired (i.e. deaf/blind), those with speech and language difficulties such as dyslexia, mental disability such as autism, the emotionally vulnerable, those with behavioural difficulties, or have a combination of these disabilities. As an assistant teacher I also worked with gifted and talented individuals.

A key aspect of working in the SEN Field is to identify individual needs and be responsible for creating a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment that enables an adult to succeed in their learning. The brief was to assist in teaching Functional skills, English, information and communication technology (ICT) and mathematics. These allow individuals to work confidently, effectively and independently.

Achievements included teaching two elderly lady clients to read from scratch & taught a male client basic mathematics to enabling him to work in the company café.

3 years of working within a SUPA role at York University teaching MA & BA Social Worker Students covering course work & tutorials.

Lived for 25 years with the personal experience of mental illness, (Hyper mania/Manic Depression/Bipolar).

CRB checked.

Ivan Creaser

Qualified Registered Mental Nurse with 12 years’ experience, entered national register November 1998.

Worked in a day hospital, conducting assessments; devising and delivering group work in anxiety management, interpersonal relationships, and other groups depending on need/audience. Also held case load, and conducted 1:1 work around needs of service users.

Spent 6 years working in an Intensive Home Treatment Team, assessing, planning and delivering acute and none acute interventions; reviewing interventions and plans; contributing to MDTs and service planning meetings.

Worked in a recovery unit for 4 months, and have worked in other mental health care settings.

Qualified as a ‘Best Interest Assessor’ to enable services to comply with the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Conducted teaching sessions to staff around the Mental Capacity Act and implications for practice.

Throughout nursing career, have delivered teaching sessions to statutory and none statutory services, about illnesses, interventions and care planning.

For last two years have had management role, ensuring compliance and delivery of DoH guidance on Care Programme Approach.

Lived with experience of mental illness, personally and through family members.

CRB checked.